Vice-Principal's Message

We have come a long way since the inception of this college and hospital. An idea formulated by a group of Nepalese professionals who dared to dream. A dream to create an institution solely on the efforts of the sons and daughters of the land, for the upliftment of the country along with its people. Their dream is now being realized. However, 20 years is still young in the life of an institution, and our college and hospital
has finally found its feet. The ideals live on, the dream is bearing fruition, but when the ideal is perfection, strife and hard work is the only way forward.

The aim of the future is to make this institution a centre of excellence in academics. An institute that produces competent, level headed doctors and outstanding human beings. The goal of all education is to produce human beings with a vision to give to society what they have received through a good education. To this effect we are striving for the growth of the self, the institution, and of the country.

However, in this globalized world excelling in Nepal will not suffice. We aim to be an institute that will be recognized for excellence throughout the region and the world. Our goals are lofty, but our commitment is equally steadfast, and we hope that you ‘the students’ will support us in our endeavor. Nevertheless, the young students need the blessings of their guardians, and this I have no doubt they will receive. So let us all commit ourselves to the betterment of education in Nepal.

Welcome to our vision of a brave new world!

Dr. Anjan Rijal,