The Department of Radiology had a modest beginning starting its services with a few Ultrasound and Plain x Rays being performed. Now it has expanded its services with availability of Color Doppler Ultrasound units , Computed Radiography services  and 64 Slice State of the art Multi slice CT Scanner unit.  We are  at present offering services with one CT Scan unit, two Color Doppler Ultrasound units, two 500 mA Conventional X Ray units with Computerized Radiography services and four Portable X Ray units.

At present we offer 24 hours plain Radiography  and CT Scan services of all parts of the body. We also provide Ultrasound services including Color Doppler studies from 9AM to 4 PM on all working days. We perform ultrasound of all body parts with quite a good number of Carotid,Peripheral, Renal , Portal Vein and Obstetric color Doppler studies. We also perform USG guided FNACs and Biopsies. We also provide Special Radiography procedures like IVUs, Fistulograms, Colograms etc. We  also perform CT scan of all parts of body including CT Angiography , Coronary Angiography,CT guided Biopsies .

We also provide Interventional Radiography services which are available in only few Institutions in Nepal such as Aspiration of Abscesses, Percutaneous Nephrostomy, Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography, Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography Drainage  , PAIR therapy etc.

We are in the process of expansion of our services and we are likely to start MRI services, Fluoroscopy and Mammography services in the near future.