NMC Song

Glory be to GOD, the Creator of the Universe,
Assembled at NMC are we
Daughters and sons of the globe,
To devote ourselves to the service of Humanity,
Through Education, Research, Service

May empathy and compassion, in
all humility,
Perseverance and motivation kindled within,
Empowered with knowledge, skill and
Good conduct we,
Be competent to serve the entire
Human Community.

Concerned and caring
To the human being,
Comforting and curing with the
Noblest Art of Healing,
Preach may we for betterment
Of well being,
Respecting Human Values,
To the best of our ability.

Indebted for their love
Ever we, to our parents be,
Bow in reverence,
To our teachers, wherever we see,
Enabling us become members
Of the Health Profession,
Always be grateful to Nepal Medical College in devotion.

(Lyrics composed by Dr. S. B. Rizyal, Founder Principal, NMC on “Falgun Pachis”, 2054, Second Anniversary of NMC - 1998)