BSC Nursing

Applied Computer science

The healthcare industry has been expanding, both in terms of jobs and technological advancement. Even in a profession such as nursing, the uses of computers cannot be overlooked. Computers are undoubtedly an important means to keep up with the pace of the technologically-advanced world. Healthcare is a field where technology has increased the efficiency in patient care. After designing questionnaire in computer, data can be enter easily and those data will be analyzed through statistical software likes (EPIINFO and SPSS).

The exact data will be presented through computerized technology. PowerPoint presentations are more efficient and have more impact on the receiver when it comes to presenting data. Even in the field of nursing education, computers help the educators to present the large and complicated data, which of course is a part of the medical study, in a very simplified and effective format. Features such as PowerPoint presentations, slide shows, videos, enable a better understanding of the complex medical procedures and more. The most appealing and outstanding feature of computer-based education is that it gives a boost to interactive learning.

Unlike traditional methods of learning, where everything was done based on papers and individual understanding, computer-instead learning encourages more interaction and communication among the instructors and the students, thereby increasing the scope to learn and understand better. Computers have also made sure that the new generation of medical practioners is highly equipped with the advanced technology of medicine.