Elective Program

Information for Elective Students for Abroad

Nepal medical college and teaching hospital (NMC & TH) was established on March 08, 1996. Nepal Medical College (NMC), is affiliated to Kathmandu University started MBBS program in December 1997. It has a 700 bed hospital at present. Nepal Medical College is recognized by Nepal Medical Council. It is listed in the WHO directory since 2000.

Nepal Medical College is providing clinical practices to foreign students for those who would like to come for elective program. Sixty Nine students have already done at this college and hospital from different countries, mostly from united kingdom, We have been approached by many students from different countries.

If you are interested to undergo your elective program in this college and hospital the following provision should be fulfilled.

1. Application addressed to principal, Nepal Medical College.
2. Detailed CV.
3. A recommendation letter from your medical school where you are studying (Without this we would not be able to consider your application).
4. Date of your proposed program.
5. Subject/Discipline.

The college and hospital will providing on:

1. Student ID card for Limited Date.
2. Free Internet and Library facilities.
3. You can go to any departments as per your wish.
4. You can also be involved in the CME Programme.
5. Help from hospital in case you fall sick.