MBBS Program

Physical fitness Examination

Medical Students who are selected and get admitted in the MBBS program of NMC must undergo Physical Fitness Examination at NMCTH immediately after the enrollment at NMC done by the General Practice department and are required to get investigations done as advised by the examining team. Fee for physical fitness examination must be paid separately by the individual candidate. Should physical disabilities, mental instability and infectious ailments be found to occur in a candidate, such candidate shall be advised necessary plan of treatment. However, should the general practice department feel that such a candidate may not be able to cope up with the study or is likely to spread the disease to others, he/she will be advised to leave NMC and to have proper treatment and get completely cured before applying for the MBBS next time. Anyone found to be Hbs Ag positive and or HIV positive shall be denied admission. If such a person listed in the merit list prior to physical fitness examination has already made payment of admission fee he/she shall be denied admission in MBBS program and will be advised to leave from the program. The admission fee shall be refundable in such a case to the candidate. Such vacancy will be filled in by the candidate in the waiting list in order of merit.