MBBS Program

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Nepal Medical College believes that Quality Medical Education is only possible when Medical Students, Medical Faculty and the NMC management abide by the rules and regulations set by NMC and allow harmony to prevail in NMC without feelings of mistrust among one another. Each is responsible for maintaining its code of conduct for the achievement of the Mission and Goals of NMC. NMC believes that all medical students entering a medical college during the first year have individual potentialities to compete and out shine with one another. They mould their character during their stay in the college and become capable to face the society with competencies required of Medical Graduates.

The main focus of the medical faculty and the management at a medical college lies in bringing about these changes in the Medical students and enable them to turn into competent medical graduates. For this purpose, it is very important for the students to be obedient to their faculty and the management. All concerned have their specific roles to play in the process of transforming medical students of today to becoming the medical graduates of tomorrow.

By far the most, among the three, is the Medical Student who has to undergo a change in behaviour so that the society accepts him or her as a Medical Doctor tomorrow. For allowing students to develop the right attitude required of a medical doctor, it is most essential for the medical students to learn to adapt to the rules and regulations of NMC. Giving up some of the habits (if possessed), which the Society can not accept from a future medical Doctor, inculcating good habits suitable to practice medicine efficiently and above all, developing in themselves the Universal Truth of possessing benevolent, compassionate and empathetic attitude required for the health care of patients and the society at large, is expected of each and every medical student of NMC. To be able to achieve these abilities by the Medical students, who are required to cultivate these qualities as demanded of him or her by the Medical Profession, they must always obey their teachers and follow the line of management set by the NMC founder members.

The Rules:

The following NMC rules must strictly be followed and obeyed by each and every NMC Student:

What NMC Student must always do
  • All NMC students must attend all classes / practicals / clinicals regularly and while doing so must wear full set of NMC uniform without which they are not allowed to attend classes/practical/clinical teaching including during and all examination.
  • All NMC students must respect their teachers and be polite with them as well as with the NMC staff, patients and their own colleagues.
  • All NMC students must respect their senior colleagues and learn from them about medical science and give guardianship to their juniors and foster friendly relationship with them both inside and outside NMC campus.
  • All NMC students must respect and obey the NMC management and follow the rules and regulations implemented by NMC.
  • All NMC students are required to safe guard the property of NMC & NMCTH; have feeling that they are members of NMC & NMCTH family. No NMC student is permitted to make fun or tease, abuse or manhandle and physically assault Faculty / Medical Doctors / Medical Administrators / Technical Staffs / Patients / Patient’s Relatives / Nursing Staffs / Visitors/other Medical students and any other human being both inside and outside NMC premises.
  • All NMC students must be polite and behave well with all the NMC staff and must learn to develop good attitude which will make them to be remembered as NMC students and good future medical doctors for ever.
  • All NMC students must behave politely, respectfully and empathetically with all patients, patients’ relatives and other general public and must demonstrate well behaved attitude to them so that the patients, their relatives and general public shall always have high regards for NMC students as being good medical students and good future medical doctors.
What NMC student must Never do
  • No NMC student shall be permitted to be engaged directly or indirectly, in any activity of a Political Party(ies) inside or outside the premises of Nepal Medical College, its hospitals and Community Satellite Centers and inside NMC hostels.
  • No NMC student shall be permitted to form a student Party / Student Union/ Student Society and Organisation of any kind inside or outside NMC and its Hospitals / Community Satellite Centers/ and hostels or be involved in forming student union in NMC or become member of any other student union(s) and organizations.
  • No NMC student is permitted to demonstrate in the NMC & NMCTH campus to participate in strike by wearing black armbands or go on hunger strike or disrupt the normal activity of NMC or NMC Teaching Hospitals and Community Satellite Centers / other community clinic or District hospitals / Zonal or Regional hospitals by demonstrating own cause or in support of any other person or groups. Postering and pamphleting in relation to any matter inside NMC and outside its premises is strictly prohibited. Defaming own friends, faculty and staff of NMC by designing cartoons or write ups and putting up such items on notice boards or crossing off or overwriting on notices published by NMC is strictly forbidden.
  • No NMC student is permitted to remove, take away, damage or destroy the NMC and its NMCTH properties or books from NMC library, audio visual aids, museum specimens etc., or the properties of other health institutions that are utilized in teaching - learning activities by NMC. Anyone found guilty will be penalised and will have to bear stern consequences.
  • No NMC student is permitted to continue the academic program when the decision for discontinuation of such student(s) from the program has been taken against such student(s) by the management of NMC and the Executive committee of Nepal Medical College.
  • No NMC student is allowed to participate in inhuman activity like ragging of other students, locking up class rooms and disrupting normal teaching learning activities, locking up NMC staff, students, faculty, administrators, technicians any other person of NMC & NMCTH sections for fulfillment of own or other’s demand(s) and such person(s) if found guilty, will have to bear the consequences that may even be expulsion from NMC once and for all, no matter in whichever year one may be studying.
  • No NMC student is allowed to indulge himself or herself in substance abuse including drugs, alcohol or sedatives during or outside class hours including living in NMC hostels.
  • No NMC student is allowed to possess firearms and explosives with him or her in college, hospital or hostels.

Should any student(s) of NMC be found violating any of the above set of rules, the name(s) of such student(s) will be put to the Executive Committee of NMC by the Principal of NMC which may even lead to taking stern disciplinary actions against such a student which may even be expulsion from the MBBS program and NMC for good of by the NMC Executive Committee. No appeal of any kind shall be heard against the decisions of NMC Executive Committee, and NMC shall not be held responsible to refund the enrollment fee and other trimester fees for whatever reasons the student is expelled from NMC. The decision of the NMC Executive Committee shall be final and such decisions reserve the legal and academic right of NMC for maintaining the sanctity of medical education and health care delivery system in Nepal and can not be challenged by the concerned student or his/her relatives, friends including any other individuals, or institution or organization, both inside and outside Nepal.