MBBS Program

Student Hostel

Separate hostel facilities for female and male students are available in the vicinity of the College. NMC values medical students as one of the most important members of NMC family. While the NMC undertakes the responsibility of imparting knowledge, skill and attitude to its students, it also feels responsible for making arrangements for their residential facilities in the vicinity of the NMC premises. The hostels are managed by two private parties who are the well wishers of NMC. NMC students must live in the student hostels compulsorily Some of the important reasons are as follow:

• The first reason being that student can avail more time for their studies in the NMC library which has good learning facilities.

• The second reason being that the students can have better interactions about their study among one another and can be better informed through such interactions.

• The third reason being the availability of more time for them to interact with the hospital patients outside the fixed clinical posting hours.

• The fourth being that they can attend clinical teachings taking place at different times in the hospital.

• Most importantly, the students must develop the habit of living by oneself and gain self confidence in life by living outside their own homes, which is required of a competent medical professional whose place of work is likely to be global.

All the students who will be admitted during the academic session 2010-2011 for the MBBS program starting in Sept/Oct 2010, shall be given admission on the basis of merit and on the full commitment made by the students and their parents to live in the same hostel during the entire MBBS program of 5 ½ years .All students both male and female must live throughout 5 ½ years in their respective hostels allocated to them at the time of admission for which they must pay one time payment of all hostel charges for 4 ½ years at the time of admission to the respective hostel managements.No one is allowed to change hostel or leave the hostel after admission.

During the time of one year of Rotating Internship, the NMC fiscal section shall pay the hostel charges to the concerned hostel management and make payment of the rest of the internship allowance to the concerned intern as their subsistence allowance.

Separates rules and regulations made for the student residing in hostels shall be provided to the individual resident at the time of allocating the accommodation in hostel and must be abided strictly by all those residing in the hostels. NMC students living in students hostels are warned that use of “substance abuse” and keeping of explosives and fire arms in the hostels is strictly prohibited inside and outside the hostels and in case anybody is found to be involved with “substance abuse” and explosive and firearms, she/ he will be responsible for facing the consequences as per the law of Nepal which may even lead for the expulsion of the student from the hostel, including discontinuation from the MBBS program. In order to enculcate self-confidence in managing own personnal life, development of self-directed learning skills and possession of human values required of future medical profession, students residing in NMC hostels are not looked after by the NMC Management as school or college students, but are considered to be adults who must be competent to take care of oneself. The College management doesnot keep daily records of students entering and leaving the hostels for classes, hospitals, library or going outside. However, for those going home on a long leave, records of such students are to be maintained before leaving the hostels. Respective hostel management shall be directly responsible for looking after the security of students in the hostels as well as for providing, canteens facilities, water supply , electricity with alternative source and other facilities required in the students hostels