MBBS Program

Student Outfit

The Medical profession has been valued by the society world over, as a noble and dignified one. To justify this, the persons who belong to it must maintain dress code and be presentable before the society while rendering health service. One quality which is expected of the medical profession all over the world is the elegant outfit used by the medical doctors that reflects the personality of those who belong to such a highly esteemed and dignified profession.

A good habit can not be developed overnight, and requires a long period of time to nurture it by a person who is going to enter the medical profession. To be possessive of such a habit, students of Nepal Medical College must cultivate it from the start of their entry at NMC. One such habit that is expected of them to become the second nature of their life is to develop the NMC dress sense by getting used to NMC uniform which makes them look smart and presentable to the eyes of the patients, relatives of patients, medical teachers and the rest of the onlookers, at large. In addition NMC students can easily be identified in the NMC uniform for their ones safety for security reasons.

Hence, Nepal Medical College demands its medical students (both genders) to wear full set of uniforms while attending NMC daily class as well as during functions and ceremonies within and outside NMC. All students must pin the Name tag over the left side of the shirt / coat compulsorily for security reasons. No one shall enter Examination halls without wearing full set of NMC dress.

Daily Out fit: For (Both Genders)

NMC believes in the equity and equality of both the genders and has no biasness towards any one. As a result the dress code for both the genders has been decided to remain the same.

During Theory Class / Practicals / Clinical Placements:
  • Grey Woolen / Terry Cotton Trouser.
  • Off white terry cotton shirt, long sleeves for winter, half sleeves for summer.
  • Navy blue Cardigan or V-Shaped pullover with NMC Logo for winter months.
  • NMC-Tie is compulsory every day while attending classes, practical / clinical and during examination.
  • Black shoes with Rubber Sole.
  • The Clip-on Personal NMC identity tag must always be put on over the upper pocket of the apron or shirt while inside the NMC premises for security reasons.

Note: Item No 1, 2 and 5 are to be purchased by the student from the market. Item No. 3 and 4 are to be purchased from NMC Property Section. No. 6 will be provided by NMC. Except wearing of National cap by students, wearing of other types of caps is forbidden during class time in NMC and NMCTH.

For Practical classes in Laboratories and for clinical experience in the Hospital(s) for both genders, White Terry cotton apron up to knee length with long sleeves is a must. Students will not be allowed inside practical laboratories or hospitals without an wearing apron.

Outfit for formal occasions/functions/visits outside NMC for Both Genders.
  • Grey Trouser.
  • Off white Shirt.
  • Navy Blue Terry cot / Terry Wool Blazer with 2 Buttons and Patch Pockets with two side slits at the back.
  • NMC Tie.
  • NMC crest on the Coat left breast pocket
  • NMC - LOGO - Pin on the left lapel of Coat.
  • Black Shoes.