Save Bagmati

Organised by
Community Medicine Dept.,
Nepal Medical College(NMC) & NMC Teaching Hospital (NMCTH)

The Bagmati River represents the symbol of Hinduism in Nepal as well as all over the world. The Bagmati River is originated from Shivapuri hill at Baghdwar about 15 km north to Kathmandu city. The total length of Bagmati River is 30 km from Shivapuri to Chovar. Due to lack of awareness and ignorance the nearby community and industrial installation dispose their domestic and toxic waste directly into the river making Bagmati the holy river as sewerage. The pollutants are enormous and need to be treated before disposal into the river. So far many organizations are working to prevent pollution of Bagmati but, conditions remains as it is the same or even worse. Nepal Medical College is established near Bagmati and therefore working towards Save Bagmati to restore its cultural heritage is considered as of community importance.

- To assess and identify factors which pollute and contaminate river at micro and macro level.
- To create public awareness among nearby communities and industries.
- To find out sustainable solution to prevent pollution through community involvement.

NMC Target - Achieving zero coli form.

NMC Model
The total length of Bagmati that is 30 k.m., will be divided into 9 or 10 zones. Zoning will help the other interested NGO's to work zone wise to save Bagmati. NMC is eager to take the first zone that is from Shivapuri to Jorpati VDC upto the bridge going to Gokarna Safari Park.

NMC has so far progressed in the following areas:
- Mapping from Baghdwar to Jorpati VDC Bridge.
- Survey of wards with population settlements.
- Survey of waste collection and disposal practices of adjoining communities and industries.
- Spout out of volunteers for training in a group to make the intervention sustainable.
- Liaison with other NGO, INGO and Govt. agencies.

NMC Strategy
NMC believe that, to save Bagmati single approach is not enough, instead, it needs a collective and collaborative approach. In order to make it sustainable, NMC is looking for the information and willingness from supportive organizations and interested individuals who can join their hands in this revolutionary intervention to save Bagmati River. Sulabh International, New Delhi, India and Rotoray from Kathmandu have shown their willingness to support in saving Bagmati.

Save Bagmati Board Members
1. Prof. Dr. S.K. Pahari - Chairman
2. Prof Dr. S.B. Rizyal - Member
3. Prof. Dr. N.P.Sinha - Member
4. Prof. Dr. A.K. Sharma - Member
5. Chief Administrator - Mr. Dhurba B. Basnet - Member
6. Asst. Prof. S. Ojha - Member Secretary

NMC Contact address is :
Dept. of Community Medicine
Nepal Medical College & Teaching Hospital
GPO Box 13344
Tel. 486008, 486009
Attarkhel, Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal