Social Service


Human beings are social creatures. Social instinct makes them come together which results in society. Because of the closeness resulted by living together or nearby, human beings come to know about one another. Sharing of happiness or sorrow results from such association. Attitude to console others in sorrow or provide help in need to others, germinates within own’s subconscious mind and compels the conscious mind, take its action. Such action, inherited through human intuition, leads one to perform pious deeds for the sake of others there by resulting in Social Service. In an effort to provide such Social Service (SS), Nepal Medical College (NMC), has created its Social Service Section (SSS).


Social Service (SS) is aimed at providing support to the underprivileged citizens of Nepal. Social Service Section (SSS) of Nepal Medical College (NMC), liaises between the individual donors, philanthropists, organizations, institutions who / which make generous donations in cash or kind and through such funds collected, provides support with cash or kind thus received, to patients admitted through SSS in Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital and in different parts of Nepal, through the health camps organised by NMC.


The Objectives of SS is to;
1. Provide health care to underprivileged Nepal at Nepal Medical College & Teaching Hospital.
2. Provide free investigations, medication and surgical interventions of underprivileged patients at Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital.
3. Organise Health Camps at different parts of Nepal and distribute free medication in the health camps.
4. Support health services at Jhaukhel Community Health Satellite Centre, Bhaktapur.
5. Reimburse the total expenditure incurred in treatment of poor patients, hospitalized in Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital.
6. Reimburse total expenditure incurred in NMCTH organised Health Camps in different parts of Nepal including logistic management, supply of free medicine and medical/ surgical treatment in Health Camps.
7. Purchase medicine for the use of underprivileged patients and distribute free of cost.


Poor-Patients Fund us created by Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital and any one or any organization who would like to contribute may do so by writing to the Executive chairman, Nepal Medical College.