Introduction & history

Student Development Committee (SDC) is an organization of students from different batches from different faculties studying in NMCTH that have come together to work as one. It is a free student body which performs its activities for welfare of students under the supervision of the college. It is a non-political non-governmental organization with no political relations and objectives. This organization administers and makes decisions concerning student’s welfare, taking up the issues reported by them and resolves them by bringing it to notice of the administrators.


In 2007 A.D. some hooligans entered the hospital premises and started a row with one of the interns on duty. After this incident, a group of interns noticing the need of such organization that looks after a student’s rights, an idea was set up to prevent such mishaps from ever taking place in the future and to build the student body a strong, well informed, well facilitated environment where they can feel safe and foster. This group would work on behalf of the student body which led to the establishment of the Student Welfare Committee (SWC) on 2064-11-7 B.S. with mutual understanding between the administrators, hospital director, board members, students and interns with 23 members at the time of formation.

In 2017 A.D, with some new ideas to reform the rules and regulations of the SWC, it was dissolved and an interim committee was established leading to a presidential election and formation of a new committee known as the Student Development Committee (SDC).


SDC Functions under a calendar year. It performs various activities throughout the year under the executive committee of that year such as:

  • Aditya Memorial Cup (AMC): the annual intra college cricket tournament.
  • Sports Week
  • Student’s Week and the Student’s day.
  • Publication of Aankura: the annual college magazine.
  • Celebrating festive days such as Guru Purnima, Saraswati Pooja, Holi
  • Conducting Flash Mobs and other awareness programs on World Aids Day, World Handicapped Day , World Environment Day, World TB Day
  • Creating a medium for students to participate in various intra college tournaments and co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • Organizing fun inclusive programs such as Back to Childhood programs for everyone, a day hike, cross country running, deusi- bhailo program, etc.
  • A week of Co-curricular Inter College/ Intra College Activity/ Competition : Slam Poetry, Debate, Poetry, Impromptu Speech, Story Writing, Essay Writing, Panel Discussion, Art, Quiz and others both included in the student’s week and separately.
  • Organizing different training programs such as: Basic/ Advanced Life Support training program, campaigns, free health camps, Leadership Development Programs and Seminars, Various Research Opportunities
  • SDC Farewell, Welcome to 1st Year Students, Farewell to Interns
  • Theatre
  • Rudip Memorial Cup/ Anish Joshi Memorial Cup
  • School Health/ Teaching Program conducted once monthly
  • College Fest. and Adrenaline Rush
  • Mentorship to 1 st Year Students by their immediate seniors
  • White Coat Ceremony
  • Clinical Classes to 1 st and 2 nd Year students taken by Clincal Students (Interns)

Besides these, SDC works for welfare of the students to solve their problems either by choosing a correct measure or by relaying the details to the concerned authorities and acting as a mediator.