Chairman's Message

I welcome you to Nepal Medical College (NMC), an institution that imparts quality medical education. Our students get an overall experience that makes them doctors of high quality and integrity. NMC is committed to produce doctors who understand the needs of Nepal.

We believe in the principles of hard work, for which there is no compromise. NMC is committed to the students, and every effort will be made to make them outstanding professionals, who may treat us someday! However, this is not possible without the commitment of the students and guardians. Sincerity and hard work is of paramount importance in being a successful, competent doctor in the future. Nepal is a multicultural country and we have students from different cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Nevertheless, our institution gives every student equal opportunities to excel without any form of partiality.

I wholeheartedly support the effort of our staff and faculty in the growth of the institution, and I am proud of them. Goals are achieved with the combined commitment of our staff, faculty and management. The students must also accompany us, initially following us, but then walking by our side. The students must fulfill the desires of the faculty, which will help them graduate as competent doctors. Our institution has diversified from the MBBS program, and now we have our own postgraduate (MD/MS), super-specialty (DM). With our diversification programme we have now introduced BDS and B.Sc. Nursing as alternative carrier paths for those wishing to pursue Dental Surgery and Nursing as a career. We aim to make NMC a centre of academic excellence, and I am confident our students will support us. They must not only achieve academically, but should excel in extra-curricular activities, so as to glorify their own names and that of the institution.

I wish all our students the best of luck and God Bless.

Dr. Bhola Prasad Rijal,