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Nepal Medical College – Institutional Review Committee (NMC-IRC)

Research forms an integral part of a teaching institution as it helps in both quality teaching-learning activities and in providing better health services – evidence based medical practice. Further, the data/information obtained through research forms strong basis for appropriate policy formulation and decision making.


Keeping in view of this, since its inception, Nepal Medical College (NMC) has given due importance to research, as a result of which it has found its rightful place in the motto of NMC which is: Education-Research-Service. "Research" between "Education" and "Service" highlights its importance further by having its influences both on quality health / medical education and service.


Because of this very fact, NMC has constituted an "Institutional Review Committee (IRC)" directly under the guidelines of Nepal Health Research Council as well as the NMC Management / Board of Directors. NMC has also appointed a Research Director who works as Member-Secretary of the IRC and facilitates / promotes research on health science and research related activities (organizing workshops on research methodology, research proposal writing and scientific paper writing for junior faculties and post-graduate students of the college as well as research related refreshing meeting courses for senior faculties and preceptors / thesis guides).


In order to conduct these activities, and to create a "research culture" in the college, which in turn, will contribute to creating a research culture in the country, NMC has also allocated" an annual research budget" as well. The allocated budget is used to support research work and research paper publications (in an indexed professional journal; preferably, in journals with impact factor) of faculties/researchers of NMC and NMCTH. In addition, the budget is also used as "conference attendance grant" to be awarded to faculties/researchers of NMC and NMCTH.

Present Nepal Medical College – Institutional Review Committee (NMC-IRC)

Dr. Shekhar Babu Rizyal),Medical Education Director Coordinator
Prof.Shiba Kumar Rai, Research Director Member - Secretary
Prof.Fakir Chand Gami, Department of Paediatrics Member
Prof.Pramod Kumar Chhetri, Department of Medicine Member
Prof. Sunil Shrestha, Department of Surgery Member
Associate Prof. Sujata Pudasaini Member
Mrs. Kalpana Shrestha, Department of Nursing Member
Dr.Vinutha Silvanus, Department of Community Medicine Member
Dr.Ram Nath Rai, Advocate, Supreme Court of Nepal Member


A three member core committee (as a working group) has also been formed under the Research Director (Member-Secretary of NMC-IRC) to facilitate the activities and to offer services faster.


Institutional Linkage

  1. Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC), Kathmandu, Nepal (NMC-IRC is a networking member of NHRC).
  2. Kobe Tokiwa College, Kobe, Japan (Program going on regular basis).
  3. Kobe University School of Medicine, Kobe, Japan (There is regular exchange of faculties and students).
  4. ShiGan Health Foundation, Kathmandu, Nepal



Nepal Medical College (Research) and Institutional Review Committee (NMC-IRC).

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